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Organisations on this page refer to real-world client organisations, not the organisations used to namespace data within the Re:infer platform.

A tenant on the Re:infer SaaS platform represents a single organisation's data. In some cases organisations may have multiple tenants. For example, a organisation may choose to have a tenant for each of production and development.

Data and users are separated between tenants, and each tenant uses a unique API endpoint for the Re:infer platform. Users and projects within one tenant are not able to access users and projects within another tenant. The exception to this is for Re:infer support-users, who may be granted permissions within your tenant in order to aid your usage of the Re:infer platform.

API Endpoint#

The API endpoint for each tenant is unique, and is always of the form https://<mydomain>, where <mydomain> is the tenant's unique domain.

Your unique domain is the same one which you log into on the Re:infer web UI. In the screenshot below, the user is logged in to, so their tenant domain is example and their tenant API endpoint would be

Screenshot displaying tenant domain for